Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things that make me smile

Deep Bowls, Mugs, Soup spoons – I don’t know why these things make me all warm and fuzzy inside. Maybe it’s the comfort that they symbolize. I am not a coffee drinker but sometimes I drink my water from a mug. I don’t use the handle. I put both hands around it and absorb the shape. These things share a roundness. Maybe I like them because they have a physical form of acceptance. You can fill them up. It doesn’t matter what you pour into them, they will receive.

Two of my favorite people -nephew and cousin
Children who have dressed themselves- There is something so syrupy sweet about a child who has dressed themselves. You wanna brighten my day? Point me to the little girl who is wearing a ballerina tutu, green corduroy jeans, cowboy boots and a tiara. I love that their parents, at least once, allowed their child to express themselves without boundaries. So often children’s creative and intuitive gifts are suppressed because we impress our beliefs on them at an early age. If you see me on the street and it appears that I have dressed in the dark, know that I have channeled my inner child.

Ok, children again: Little girls with chipped fingernail polish – Maybe it says innocence. I don’t know. Some things I just can’t explain. I just love it for what it is!

When other people smile – Do I need to explain?

When people dream out loud – I am intuiting how joyful you will feel when the dream comes true. Awe.

Life partners – Not just couples, but people who are so spiritually in sync that they give you a jolt of energy when you are near them. They just “are”. They “be”. No words need to be spoken between them. These partners are not limited to romantic relationships, these can be friends, sisters, neighbors, parents, whomever. I know that love and it feels great.

The dog that lives on the next block – There is a dog that follows me for a few feet when I do my evening walk. He is excited when he sees me and I must say I am excited when I see him. Sometimes I look for him if he is not around. Here is the part that makes me smile: Sometimes he sits in the grass on the corner as though he is waiting on someone. On these days he does not give me any attention. When I found out why, I almost cried.

One day I saw him perk up and buzz with anticipation. A Honda Accord turned the corner and with only the sincerity a dog can have, he barked and “jumped for joy” as he followed the car to his home. He had been waiting for his human companion to come home. I suspect that the companion arrived later than usual on the days that I noticed the dog in waiting. Sigh.

The ducks that live in my neighborhood – They walk up and down the street as though they own property. It is so funny to me.

Children, once more -Those two front teeth that appear first and the background of gums and juicy saliva. Let me be clear, I like seeing this without having to experience the wetness of the uncontrollable mouth fountain! I am sure I will change my mind in motherhood.

This is my list for today. Tomorrow may bring another list. I wanted to share my list with you! What's on your list?

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  1. Ah, simple pleasures! Love this.


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