Monday, July 27, 2009

Love Letter

Someone I love - nephew
This is a love letter to those who

Love unconditionally, don’t take no for an answer, wear plaids and polka dots, dance in the rain, wear white after labor day, don’t live their lives believing there is a time and place for everything, defy rules, stood up for my rights, cry when they are happy, are over 20 and wear Wonder Woman underwear, are in love, walk barefoot on wet grass, love someone who doesn’t love them back, dream, go to the movies alone, decided to take that salsa class, choose happiness every time, questioned authority, smells like lavender and vanilla, believe dressing up-is a pair of jeans and a nice shirt, are comfortable in their own skin, have not decided what they want to be when they grow up, are silly and childish, don’t care what people think of them, do nothing on a Saturday, are shy and reserved but their inner life is deep and colorful, are passionate, color outside the lines, don’t take it personally, try to understand, call as soon as they get the phone number, go with the flow, love me and I don’t know it, who hear melodies all day, see the beauty in everything and everyone,

You are my joy!


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