Monday, November 30, 2009

Too Late, I'm Happy!

Old San Juan, Puerto Rico 2010
At this point there is very little I can do about my happiness. What I mean is that I have practiced the art of happiness so diligently and intensely that the student has become a teacher. Do you now how difficult it is to unlearn math? If you were a true student and dedicated to learning math, you will never forget the basics. You can go for years without practicing math and when you have an opportunity to use your skills again the information will come back - maybe slowly, maybe quickly- but it will. The skill of happiness is imbedded into my being, there is little I can do about it now.

Another thing that makes it difficult to unlearn my happiness, is that I have some sort of happiness gene. I have always been cheerful and happy. I haven’t always been spiritually healthy but I have always smiled. I don’t claim to be nice or pleasant but I am happy. I don’t claim to not get angry or sad or frustrated but those things are fleeting illusions. I acknowledge and I move on.

Please don’t confuse my happiness for clueluessness or being the hapless optimist. Yes, logic leads me to believe that certain things should unfold a certain way. This has been my training for decades, but recently I discovered that logic is not the end-all-be-all. I have intuition. I can manifest. I can let things unfold without my control. Knowing that every moment is something new and exciting allows me to “ lose control”. What do I mean by lose control?

When I lose control, I let go of the need to over think, be attached to an outcome or live in the future. Although I plan for the future and most of the time I have a plan to achieve my goals, I have accepted that the Source ALWAYS has a better plan. With that knowledge, I let go of the control. I let my wishes be known and then I walk toward my goals (actually I fly) and let the Source do the rest.

So you are probably asking - what does this have to do with happiness? I am happy because I am free. I am smiling because I am free. Without the burden of planning every step of my wishes, I allow and believe and know that my destiny is a co-creation of the divine Source and me. This makes me happy.

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