Friday, December 17, 2010

OH MY GOD, why is this happening to me?

“Fuck, I have the worst luck. I’m a good person. I can’t catch a break.” Does this sound like you? First of all, when you stop thinking that things happen TO you, your entire understanding of life will be turned upside down… for the best.

Let me begin with an observation during the weeks after being laid off. My former company offered consulting from an employment agency for those who were laid off. Before receiving services, one needed to attend an orientation. Orientation was filled with people from my former company as well as other companies. I don’t remember exactly what information the facilitator asked us to share with the class, but the next 30 minutes were revealing.

My pink toes! I <3 Espadrilles. 
What people were sharing were stories of loss and a feeling of shock. They were hurt and grieving. They just could not understand why this had happened TO them. While I understood their anguish, I was also overwhelmed with disappointment because they were unaware of their role in their separation from their companies. Many of them identified themselves AS their job and not just a part of their life; this caused more grief.

I know what you’re asking; if someone is going above and beyond what is asked at their job, how was it her fault they were let go? She didn’t ask to be laid off. Also, it’s normal to feel sad after suffering a loss. Great points!

First and foremost, there isn’t anything that is happening TO you. All that you are experiencing is BECAUSE of you. Your experiences are all manifested using your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and choices (conscious and unconscious); ALL your experiences, the “good” and “bad”. You can’t take credit for all your “hard” work and “prayer” for the “good” things that happen in your life, but all of a sudden, the “bad” has nothing to do with you.

I don’t know what you’ve been thinking or choosing, but losing your job is either something you manifested or a part of the process to get to your desire. You may have desired to spend more time with your kids; you may have hated the commute; you may have wanted to go back to school, but would NEVER think of letting your job go. You may have desired a wife, and leaving this job and being hired at another leads you to her. Losing your job may have put things in motion. I don’t know how, and chances are you don’t know either because you don’t monitor your thoughts, feelings and choices.

Here’s a bonus question: “Wait, are you saying I manifested my mother’s death? I didn’t ask for my mother to die.” Again, your mother’s death didn’t happen TO YOU. I’m pretty sure it "happened" TO HER. What IS HAPPENING, is that you are experiencing feelings about your mother’s death. “Well surely, she didn’t manifest her own death.” Whew! This is a delicate subject (but not difficult) for those who live on the surface. I can’t address that now, but I will at some point. It will take an entire shift in how you view life for anything I say about “death” to make sense. I’ll get to that in a much later post.

Back to manifestation - If you make a small effort, you can pinpoint how you manifested anything in your life. Sometimes it takes asking some hard questions that result in painful answers. To find the road map to how something became reality in your life, one must be authentic. (There’s that damn word again.) If you aren’t honest about how you really feel, you won’t be able to do it. If you are stuck on how you SHOULD have felt about something or what you SHOULD have thought about something, you won’t be able to do it. Look back on some of the choices you’ve made. They brought you to this very moment right here. You and only you have control of your life. There is nothing outside of you that controls you. You are a co-creator of your life. There is nothing that seeks to control you, but there is the energy of all that THERE IS that assists you in your pursuits. This “thing” does not discriminate. It does not place a value of “good” and “bad”. If you want drama in your life, it will assist you in attracting drama.

I’m limited in how I can explain manifestation because many people will find it difficult to grasp the simplicity and complete cataclysm of their current frame of mind. For instance, I use co-creator. I use this because most people have been trained to separate everything. They even look to the sky to talk to *“God” as though it is separate from you. Your co-creator is all that is, which means your co-creator is you. We are one. Religions make tons of money promoting separateness and teaching that there is something outside yourself that blesses you with good fortune or punishes you with misery.

The next time you feel like you are having “bad luck”, take a moment to see how you played a part in this experience and/or go with the flow and allow the process to play out. You can change your entire disposition with a shift in perception. Remember this: Nothing happens TO you. You have been trained to think that you have no control. You have been trained that something outside yourself orders your life. When you learn how to manage this great power that we ALL have, bliss Happens, balance Happens, peace Happens. IT Happens.

*When I use the term GOD, I am not referring to some man in the sky living among the clouds. It is not angry, vengeful. It does not test or tempt. It does not play games with a so-called “devil”. It is not a separate entity from me. I am it, and it is me. I don’t serve it or pray to it. It is nothing to “believe in”. I don’t have “faith” in it. It just is. Vibration and energy.

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